Shekulanka Foliage (Private) Limited

Sri Lanka

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Growers & Exporters of Foliage, Indoor & Outdoor Pot Plants

We are one of the leading growers and exporters of cut foliage and tropical pot plants in Sri Lanka. Our nursery is situated in Badalgama, Sri Lanka, just a few Kilometers away from the country's major international airport. There we grow a large variety of ornamental tropical plants.

About Us

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We provide a wide range of plants produced at the highest quality, ranging from multiple plant families

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We take pride in maintaining product and service standards

On Time

We make it a priority to deliver our products on time without any compromises, making sure you get your products when you need them.

High Quality Standards

Through over a decade of being in business, we have made our production line increasingly more quality centered. Making sure that we only deliver products of the highest quality.

Best Prices

We provide competitive yet reasonable rates based on the market value of our products, ensuring that you recieve the best rate for our products.

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